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A fan tribute site for the Once Upon a Time's Mr Gold aka Rumplestiltskin

Mr Gold

I started watching Once Upon a Time out of curiosity when a co-worker was telling someone else about the show.
At that time, 4 episodes had aired and I watched them online to catch up.

I was totally lost by the Pilot since it kept going back and forth from the world that was and this world that is.
However, by the end of that episode, it all made sense.

In watching this show, I found I really enjoyed it and started watching it every week. I found the Dark One,
Rumplestiltskin to be totally weird and creepy. Mr Gold seemed to have his own dark side but I wasn't focused on that character.

The evil queen really was not my favorite character and she needed to get a life.
The sheriff had this cool accent and a variety of other characters seemed to wear these tight fitting pants that drove me batty.

As the weeks went by, I found myself strangely drawn to Mr Gold aka Rumplestiltskin but it never dawned on me. I just didn't see it coming.

The episode of Rumplestiltskin with Belle had me really focused on this character and I really looked forward to seeing him.
But it was the Mr Gold persona that had me fixated.

A later episode showing the mild mannered Rumplestiltskin before the darkness overtook him and the love he had for his son really drew me in.

Toward the end of the season, I found myself head over heals in love with Mr Gold.
He is unlike any character I have ever fallen for and I keep wondering what kind of spell he put on me to make me feel this way.

So, here I am with this website for Mr Gold. As I told a friend, I have totally lost it.
The cover pics are eBay purchases and I thought it was cool to show him transform Mr Gold to Rumplestiltskin and back to Mr Gold. I really wanted to get a pic of the mild mannered Rumplestiltskin but it was not offered for sale on eBay.

All this led me to Stargate Universe. I was rather surprised I never watched this show in its original run but have
discovered that I do not have that channel.

Although I did not possess the DVDs at the time, I pretty much decided even before buying them to create a sub-domain
of Mr Gold's Moments called The Rush Hour (originally The Gold Rush) after the SGU character Dr Nicholas Rush
also played by Robert Carlyle.

I did find myself attached and drawn to Dr Rush. He amazed me as an outsider in the show yet was able to fit
in with what he was destined to do and complete.

Short tempered and charm are Aries traits that Mr Carlyle managed to bring not only to Mr Gold/Rumplestiltskin
but also Dr Rush. From one Aries to another, I am in awe....

While the characters of Rush and Gold are two different individuals, I find that the acting skills of
Robert Carlyle are very professional and amazing.

Through Mr Carlyle and his portrayal of these characters I have come to love both characters very much.

If I never manage to do anything else, I want to say "Thank you, Robert Carlyle for the awesome acting
and the ability to draw in another fan."

I am currently slowly watching movies from Mr Carlyle's amazing career. I started out with the most disturbing
one to get it out of the way. I knew it would be disturbing
because the Hilter I watched with Richard Basehart years before was quite disturbing.
This one was even more so.

The next couple movies on my list were Eragon and Flood. Both kept my interest so I can only imagine that the
remaining 15 other movies in my possession would equally hold my interest.

I was never one for watching much TV, much less movies but the curiosity which drew me in as a new Carlyle fan is simply amazing.

So, where was Robert Carlyle hiding all these years?? Why did I not hear of him until Once Upon a Time?
Besides the fact I lead a sheltered life, I am quite puzzled....
I have also discovered that my favorite actor has competition to be my favorite actor.
I could have three very favorites, couldn't I??

Marco Lopez (Emergency! [1972-77], Firefighter Marco Lopez),
Al Harrington (original Hawaii Five-0, Detective Ben Kokua)
and Robert Carlyle (Dr Rush, Mr Gold)....

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